Saturday, October 17, 2009

Of Pearls

 I found this great article about pearls... coming from the Christian's perspective. It's a great read. Very Inspiring. Please go read it and enjoy!
As for me,I have come to recognize that I am a follower, not an one manner of speaking. My Profound Thoughts usually originate in someone else's creative genius and I just collect treasures to pass them on.

(The following information I gathered from multiple websites) "3000 years ago, in the Arabian Gulf, divers greased their skin to keep the cold out before taking a deep breath of air and diving more than 100 feet to reach their treasure at the bottom of the sea. They were diving for PEARLS, at a time when pearls were worth more than gold. Sometimes they would dive 100 times before finding that one pearl. With only an average of one oyster in every 1000 shells containing a precious prize, many divers were required to make hundreds of dives for a single pearl. A fine cultured pearl worth hundreds of thousands, would cost a few million dollars with the same quality if it was natural pearls.
The pearl diver wears ear stoppers of beeswax, a bone clip to close his nostrils, and very little else. Grasping a weighted line to get him to the bottom quickly, he leaps into the water with a net bag for the oysters attached to another line, and sinks to the floor of the sea. The average dive of around 50 feet permits the diver to remain below a minute and a half (although some divers can stay for three minutes) and collect up to a dozen oysters before a sharp jerk on the line signals his handler above to pull him to the surface. A good diver can make 60 such descents a day, braving sharks and barracuda and the poisonous jelly fish, not to mention the possibility of cumulative damage to his body from the repeated immersions at high pressure: deafness, heart trouble, bronchitis and rheumatism."