Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

It's time to go over the river (the North Canadian) and through the woods to Grandmother's house in western Oklahoma for Thanksgiving!

Too bad we will not have snow like the song says...I never equate snow with Thanksgiving, but with Christmas! I know in some areas of America they have already had snow by now...We will be pulling a horse trailer with a horse this time! Alison's horse has never been around other horses and we want to have a little fun with him this time...Only a few of the Kellys will be getting together this year. It's the "off year" for the in-laws to have a turn with their other side. Yet we are thankful for the loved ones we will get to see. I guess you could say we will have a "merry LITTLE Thanksgiving"! I'm glad small-town America is still alive and well. It's good to go back to the farm for some QUIETNESS, as Ben used to say ("I want some quietness!") We will miss having him here- but some friends in California have invited him home with them to share their Thanksgiving, so we're thankful for the good people God is putting in his pathway.

I have a few Thanksgiving memories to share today- Poor little Alison came down with MONO not too long after we moved here to OKC. I had to stay home with her from our Kelly thanksgiving two years in a row. She would get better in the spring and summer, and come October she would get down again. We would wonder if it would be that way every year! Thankfully she is way past that now. That first year Michael and Rene Smith were still here in OK and they called to say they would bring over "a plate" for us from their Thanksgiving spread. Actually they brought a little FEAST for the two of us, plate after plate! I was so grateful for their concern I had to go into our back bathroom and bawl- I didn't want Alison to hear me cry.

We moved down here from Ringwood, OK on Thanksgiving Week, 2000. Julia was just born in September. We used Dad's cattle trailer to move our furniture, and of course it rained...the trailer was not spotlessly clean and little specks of cattle manure floated around to land on our stuff, where it dried on...I remember dusting the dresser in our bedroom and finding little specks of "what's this?!"

"Thou art good to the earth, giving water, enriching her greatly with rain from brimming streams divine. Thou providest the grain by preparing her duly, watering her furrows well, soaking her ridges, softening her with showers, and blessing all her growth. Thou art crowning the year with thy goodness; rich stores drop where thou passest...the very pastures of the downs overflow- the hills wear girdles of joy. The meadows are clothed with flocks, the valleys are covered with corn, shouting and singing for joy." -from Psalm 65, Moffatt's version.

I praise God for the people He sent by his loving Providence to help establish our United States of America. The friendly natives, all the story of our history, the Founding Fathers who tirelessly worked to form a proper government...God bless and work in America again. Many people are praying for You, America! We Love You!

Is Mr. Froggie stuffed, or is he expressing his thanks?! Don't overdue the feasting, y'all! Enjoy and rejoice but don't forget the moderation! I remember one year, a cousin (I won't say which) ate 4 or 5 pieces of pie and was sick most of the afternoon...

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