Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Last Month of The Year

December has arrived! My son David said to me yesterday, "I'm excited!" When I asked him what he was excited about, he said, "Tomorrow is December First!" Of course he equates that with, Christmas is coming soon! Christmas IS an exciting season! One of the things I look forward to most about this time of year is the BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I'm not talking about the "secular" stuff, but the great classical-type religious songs. When we lived in Ringwood we could tune in a station from Gaffne, South Carolina that had the most wonderful christmas songs- now here in OKC we can't tune in- except maybe online of course. I'm going to try to do that. The season is flat for me if I can not hear the inspiring story of Jesus' birth in beautiful song. I get so tired of Jingle Bell Rock and all that ilk. I will post more about Christmas later...I just wanted to get the blog set up for this new, Most Wonder-filled Time Of The Year! Hey!! 24 More Shopping Days!

My Christmas List
My Christmas List is more than just a way to keep track of
The special people God has brought into my life to love.
It's like a treasured scrapbook filled with pleasant memories
Of all the times God's answered prayer through friends and family.
Every name's a touchstone that leads to a place and time
Where God has used another's heart to reach out and touch mine.
It may have happened years ago or even yesterday,
But every person on my list has changed my life some way.
Through simple conversation, a warm hug, or a shared meal,
Every person on my list has helped me grow or heal,
Or laugh or love or learn or smile...
The blessings never end! as God allows our paths to cross
As family and friends.
So please know this little poem is more than just a wish-
It's a thank-you card to God for putting on my list
Each and every one whose name I hold so dear...
Those who've shown me Christmas joy each day throughout the year.
by Vicki J. Kuyper

For Christmas The Year Round
Lord Jesus, we thank Thee for the spirit shed abroad in human hearts at Christmas. Even as we invited Thee at Christmas to be born again in our hearts, so wilt Thou now go with us throughout the days ahead, to be our companion in all that we do. Wilt Thou help each one of us to keep Christmas alive in our hearts and in our homes, that it may continue to glow, to shed its warmth, to speak its message during all the bleak days of winter.
May we hold to that spirit, that we may be as gentle and as kindly today as we were on Christmas Eve, as generous tomorrow as we were on Christmas morning. Then if- by Thy help -we should live through a whole week in that spirit, it may be we can go into another week, and thus be encouraged and gladdened by the discovery that Christmas can last the year round.
So give us joyful, cheerful hearts to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. -Peter Marshall

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