Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Little Christmas Joys

I love the "trappings" and wrappings of Christmas! The beautiful light displays, candles, poinsettias, glittery ornaments...

Through it all I know I must keep to the focus of what Christmas really means- the birth of the Savior. I decorate, but do not get too extravagant. I do not have any Santa Claus related decor, but I do enjoy gingerbread houses and snowmen. And Angels of course! I first started collecting angels a few years after my marriage- thinking of the scripture, "...there was a multitude of the heavenly host praising God..." 

Every year I try to buy one Angel for my collection. My first one was ordered through Spiegel catalog and was a paper-mache (SP?) type. After a couple of years of storage it got broken. For a while I had quite a few standing angels but now I focus on hanging ones as I don't have enough flat areas to stand them on.

This is David's favorite angel- it commemorates the new millenium year 2000.

This is my girls' favorite...

and this is my most "whimsical" one- not really realistic for an angel!

I found this at an antique mall-type store- it's a shiny gold metal tea-light holder. This is one I just bought this December.

 I have a wonderful Nativity set that is the cloth type.

This is my star garland above the manger scene, with a large Bethlehem star made of a mirror.

 Both my husband and I come from families that never did a Christmas tree and we have followed this through our married life, striving to keep the focus on The Advent of The Christ. It can be a wonderful spiritually refreshing time as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

My two little ones are looking forward to making gingerbread houses this year. The last day of school is tomorrow and we plan to "bake and make" during the Christmas Break! Following are pictures of my snowman and "gingerbread house" collections.

This little cottage was sent to my daughter Alison from my brother Jonathan and his wife Cindy in a get-well flower arrangement- Alison had mono two years in a row at Christmas time.

This "Fire Station" is the gift I got to bring home from my husband's Prudential Real Estate office party a couple of years ago- we played Dirty Santa. I was so happy to get to keep this because at the time Benjamin was going through his firefighter training. Another year I found this snowman- North Pole Fire Department!

Here is our one-armed musical snowman that plays "Frosty the Snowman." I found him at The Marketplace vendor mall in Edmond for a great price. The music has one note that is quite off, and so hearing the song is fun...we love this little snowman even though he is not perfect

...Alison's My First Christmas Socks- wow! These are 18years old now!

Another of Alison's socks beside a school picture of Julia from 1st grade

A fun sequence of pictures from 2000. Ben and Al were going to Path of Life School in Guthrie, and they were Mary and Joseph in the Christmas Play. Julia was "Baby Jesus"... and some crying she did make!

The beaded runner that covers the surface of my sideboard where I have placed all my little cottages.

Galen's grandparents that have passed on into the gloryland, taken at the last Christmas they were all still with us.

Thanks for taking a Christmas tour of my home! May your days be Merry and Bright!

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