Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Original Wrappers

I have pulled out a memory of Christmas that had long been forgotten...When we were just children, my brother Jonathan and I had great pleasure in wrapping the gifts with preciseness and elaboration. You might say we almost tried to outdo each other with making fancy bows out of ribbon and bits of decoration.

We would make the bows "by hand" - not always did we use storebought bows. At one point we had a bow-maker that had little plastic tacks that sat into a little holder, and you pushed the ribbon down over the tack, twirled the holder, pushed down again, until you could create a very creditable "storebought" look at home.

This was back in the days when you could still "go downtown" to shop...sometimes Mother would have gifts wrapped at the store and I guess my brother and I would try to copy the looped bows these presents had.

I must say we had great fun doing this "simple pleasure". I'm sure we each hoped "our" wrapping job would be the prettiest! Of course, after I got married, I tried to wrap packages with care and attention to detail. At one point I found a cardboard organizer for holding papers and rolls of ribbon.

I kept that in our closet for many years...finally it got too flimsy to keep. Of course now there are all types of nice plastic organizers. And now we hardly ever put bows on gifts at our house! We just stack the presents because we don't have room to spread them out and display gorgeous bows. But I do love to receive (and give) a beautifully wrapped present- it seems to make the gift even more special if the wrapping is attractive.

So here's to much wrapping fun !  I know this can be a chore for adults- and it's hard for me to look past the childish work and uneven cutting and extra taping that young children produce, but I believe I'll let my little ones do some wrapping this year! I know they would enjoy it...I'll just have to be sure they do not know what they are wrapping, or the secret of the gift will be OUT!

Hey! Only 22 more shopping days!

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