Friday, January 15, 2010

Chocolate Memories

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on December 29, 2009. I think he would have enjoyed a formal-type reception-party, but I just wanted the two of us...We enjoyed a nice dinner out and an overnight hotel stay here in Oklahoma City, at the downtown Renaissance.

Galen's parents volunteered to keep our two youngest children out at The Farm, so Alison was glad she did not have to watch them! For dessert after our dinner, we had Cheesecake! with chocolate drizzled over. Actually, we boxed it up at the table and took it back to our room to eat later, as we were comfortably full and did not want to feel miserably stuffed.

So now for the Chocolate Memories! On our honeymoon 25 years ago, Galen presented me with a tin of chocolates by Perugina. I had never heard of this type before... the upper end of the brands. I kept the tin many years, but it finally got too battered to keep.

I could not find a picture of the tin, so I am using this gold box photo. That was my first experience with really expensive chocolate. On another anniversary, Galen got me Godiva! Right after that I signed on at NutriSystem for the weight loss leader said, "Either eat them all tonight, or store them in the freezer! because these are not allowed on the program!"

This particular anniversary we had gone back to a hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon, and I had a terrific headache. I tried to enjoy the little getaway and my chocolate, but I had to hold my head up at the dining table with my hand under my chin, elbow on table...These Godiva chocolates, in the Gold Ballotin Box, were delicious! So many flavors- you can not rush through a box like this. Each one is flavored so distinctly that you must SAVOR it and wait awhile before you experience the next taste...Actually, that's how one should behave anyway. This was quite a splurge for us, and sad to say, I have never received another Gold Ballotin Box of Godiva!  Actually, the only reason we could celebrate our anniversary this year by having our special night out was because Galen had taken a special offer last year that allowed us a free night's stay and free dessert at the hotel's restaurant, North Point Grille. All we had to pay for this year was the valet parking and our meal. The crunch is on!

Speaking of crunch! My all-time favorite chocolate candy is the lowly, everyday, REASONABLY PRICED Hershey bar with almonds!

A close runner-up, or my other "favorite", has been the Almond Joy.

Notice - both of my favorites have almonds. I am not a chocolate freak just for the chocolate- I really like it best with nuts. Not that I will turn down chocolate without nuts EVERY time...

We did have a very enjoyable 25th anniversary celebration. Several loved ones sent us checks- altogether we got $100.00 ! So we will probably get to celebrate again somehow! (OR put it on a bill? No way!) Maybe later this year we will be able to really take a vacation and call it our Silver Celebration...

In the fairy tales, they never mention that the prince keeps the princess supplied with chocolate to make her happy!  This is REAL LIFE, and my hubby does like to surprise me every now and then with a little chocolate. Thanks, Love!

Now for one last chocolatey treat! This evening is our church's special once-a-month Children's Meeting, and it is my turn to provide the snack. I made chocolate cupcakes with Cool Whip icing...They do taste good! (I sampled...)

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!! I just love all your chocolate memories. Such special times and special treats. Thank you for sharing with us! :)

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to celebrate 25 years, but we have some time to go... :)
    It seems you had a great time together. Love your chocolate post!;) Those are 2 of my favorite chocolate bars too.