Friday, January 8, 2010

Tea - Hats Required

The ladies of my family on the Kelly side had another fun Tea for Christmas! Word was passed to "bring your hats"!

 The snowstorm upset many of our plans, and at the last minute I forgot to get my hats out of storage. We were supposed to meet on Christmas Day, but ALL the family were delayed due to the weather. We finally made our tea date on Saturday at noon, making our big Christmas dinner Saturday night. We all brought way too much food since the gathering got delayed...I brought home over half of the things I had prepared in advance. So now I have 2 pecan pies in my freezer, plus a pear/apple/cranberry cobbler.

I tried out a new recipe this year from King Arthur Flour, Chocolate Cranberry Sugar Cookies. I was very satisfied with how they turned out! Not many got eaten because of all the other great things, so I got to bring most of them home!

The recipe called for drizzling chocolate over the cookies after cooling, but I had so much glaze that I covered them! My cookies do not look anything like the ones on the recipe card, but they taste great!

(For some reason this picture turned when I posted it, sorry) This year I also made snowflake shaped gingerbread cookies and decorated them with white icing and white nonpariels. My sister-in-law said it looked like styrofoam pellets! We took some goofy pictures of ourselves in the hats...

Kim and Mom

Angela and Alison

Me and Gwen
Since I forgot to bring my own hat, the one I am wearing was pulled off a bedroom wall! The little girls wore their hats for just a short time...

Julia with a demitasse cup...

Sabrina sipping...

Tamara being silly and letting her chair wear the hat.

Not too long after Gwen and Phillip got married, she began making chocolate-dipped candies for us all and now we would be very disappointed if she stopped! She brought extras for our tea table this year.

My favorite is the milk chocolate-dipped peanut butter fudge balls. The white chocolate candies are ritz crackers sandwiched with peanut butter. Along with these two types Gwen includes peanut clusters, and other great chocolate-y delights! I tried my hand at making some candy this year and dismally batch I burned, and another did not look good at all, though it tasted alright...I guess I will leave the candy making to my talented sister-in-law!

My daughter Alison is a cowgirl and loves horsey things and denim. She is not really a "girly girl" right now but she loved the way she looked in the hat she found at Grandmother's house...

One more chocolate treat that was new to us this year was white chocolate-covered fresh cranberries. Kim made these after arriving at the farm, and everyone really enjoyed them. Her husband Dwight and I are the real chocolate lovers in this family and we commiserated with each other that no one had brought a chocolate pie! Now if I had been with my Carver relations, that would have been unforgivable...

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  1. oh my goodness. What a BEAUTIFUL tea party! I loved your pictures - and the fun. What a lovely tradition! Thanks for letting me peek in and for sharing your sweet treats.

  2. Your Christmas tea looked divine! Your china is gorgeous. I'm so happy to hear your guests liked my little tea magnets. What a beautiful blog, thanks for the visit to mine, see ya next time for I will be back...

  3. That looks like so much fun - and those chocolate dipped candies - heavenly! I love the hat idea!

  4. So much fun!! I love all the hats - they look great. And what wonderful chocolate treats - mmmm. Those chocolate cranberry sugar cookies look and sound wonderful! Thanks so much for linking up!