Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Plunder

Julia and David have been sick all week and have not been to school. Today they are so much better! It happens to be Parent-Teacher conference time, so school is not in session- I'm glad because they were racking up the unexcused absences...I went to the school Thursday afternoon to get their work for the week and got to bring home Valentine's Day Party Bags for them! This brought the smiles, you can be sure! Isn't it great to be a kid, when it takes so little to bring a smile? We adults must learn to keep it simple! (KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid) I think I am still a child in some ways... How will I celebrate Valentine's Day this year? I have a plan, but can't make it public til later, 'cause HE may be reading this!

I found these lovely cookies at this lovely site!

The recipe is included also! Thanks to this lovely blogger!

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