Thursday, March 4, 2010

Change Is Here!

When I first started this blog last fall, I mentioned in my profile that change was in the air...well it has arrived!

Change #1- my daughter Alison, now 19, has moved out to share a house with her best friend Shelese.
(Here she is, in their little kitchen, showing off her new house key)
Change #2- Julia finally can get her own room- after waiting so long!

Change #3- Galen has a new job! (which is really the change I had in mind when I posted that remark)  He is going back to the oil field- back to work for his old boss who gave him a scholarship out of high school and who hired him after completing his 2 year course.

Galen worked in the oilfield for 18 years as a pumper, then left to come up here to Oklahoma City to pursue something else, which has not turned out at all as we had dreamed it would...anyway, for years we have prayed for guidance and a "reliable income"(we have been here 10 years now).  We have a wonderful story to tell of God working this out for us, but that may have to come some other time... Mr. Warren, you are our guardian angel! Galen started this Monday March 1- up in Ponca City, Ok. He will be having to stay in a little apartment ALONE until the kids get out of school this season and then we can all move up there together! He came home tonight to unload a truckload of metal building supplies, then it's back again early in the morning...I will not be able to post much because we have to use an air card for internet access here, and he must take it with him. I know I can go to the library to blog, but I'm not sure how I can do pictures that way...   And... when it rains, it pours! The transmission on the pickup is acting up and may have to be replaced- - the apartment will be an added expense- - we had to get insurance coverage for him and had to pay it all up front since we are new clients- - one of our rentals must have the septic tank pumped ASAP- - the last of the ad valorem taxes is due! So, still no extra money to hoard up!

But, our hope is in God, the maker of heaven and earth!
Not a leprechaun with a pot of gold...

God will work it all out, somehow! I have faith!

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