Monday, March 15, 2010

For Michael and Rene

When my husband's paternal grandmother Opal Kelly died, my father-in-law allowed us to keep one of her books, The Bible, A New Translation, by James Moffatt. I really enjoy reading in this version of scripture, now so hard to come by. I have tried to find a newer copy as this one is very battered, but they seem to be pretty scarce. Ours is the 1935 printing; I think Moffatt's version was first presented in 1922. In my past I had heard different ministers quote from Moffatt, and so far I have been blessed with fresh inspiration from reading this version. I am reading in The Psalms right now and as I came to Psalm 138 a few days ago, a dear minister friend and his wife came to mind! They have been going through one of the great trials of affliction that the Lord sometimes allows His children to encounter. This Psalm is subtitled "a song of David" and sounds like a prayer to me...I pray this will be what my friends are able to say when "it's all over", and that God will perform His word to them, the promises He has inspired to them. Amen, Lord! (So be it!)

A Song Of David
Psalm 138

With all my heart I thank Thee
I sing Thy praise in face of all the gods,
for Thou has listened to my cry;
I bow before Thy sacred shrine to praise Thee
for Thy love so true,
that far excels all ever known of Thee;
the very day I call,
Thine answer comes
with courage to inspire my soul!
When kings on earth hear of Thy mind
and methods,
they shall all praise Thee, O Eternal One,
and sing Thy providence;
for great is the Eternal's sovereign might;
He looks upon the lowly from His height,
and from afar He strikes the haughty down.
Though I must pass through the thick of trouble,
Thou wilt preserve me;
Thy hand shall fall upon my angry foes,
Thy right hand rescues me.
The Eternal intervenes on my behalf;
Eternal One, Thy kindness never fails.
Thou wilt not drop the work Thou hast begun.

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  1. That is interesting. I like the version. :) It made me curious, so I looked up buying this version online. I didn't know if you had found these places online to buy this in hardcover:

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    ~Ranelle Cole