Monday, April 19, 2010

Classen Ladies Tea Party

This past Saturday, April 17, I had the very great pleasure of being the organizer of the Annual Classen Ladies Tea Party. Classen is my husband's mother's maiden name. Grandma Classen's birthdate was the occasion for our first tea several years, after she had passed away. Her daughters, grandchildren and in-laws wanted to do this to remember all the fun times we had when she was still with us. Everybody loved Grandma Classen! I have been so impressed with the closeness of this family. All the cousins love to get together...So as time has passed, the Classen daughters are getting a little tired of arranging all the details of this tea, and some of the granddaughters got elected to organize it this year- namely Yours Truly and Rhonda Cope. Rhonda and I had both been to a little tea room that we thought had delicious food, and both of us recommended it for the site of the party this year. But Rhonda and her daughter could not come this year! We missed them...our attendance was smaller this time, only about 13, but we enjoyed getting together and wearing hats and eating great food! The hostess/cook of our tea room gave us a little short talk about tea etiquette that everyone seemed to appreciate.  I did not get to take pictures of everyone as (of course) my camera batteries got too low, but here are the ones I did get! You will see that we all had a good time!

Here I am, in a hat from my own collection!

My daughter Alison, in a hat she picked from the ones available at the Tea Room.

Alison with her cousin Zella Classen...

One area of the Red Raspberry Tea Room

This is Aunt BulaAnn (Classen) Smith and Aunt Irene (Classen) Cravens searching for hats to wear in the Peacock's Nest

My sister-in-law Angela tried on a pink feather hat...She did not end up wearing it to the table. She said, "This makes me look like a flamingo!"

Here is Zella by herself, wearing a little feathery hat. It looked really cute on her but it's difficult to see in this picture. She is graduating from high school in May! Back in the fall she had some serious health problems but everything seems to be just fine now- we are so thankful...

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