Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Give Me A Dream

Give Me A Dream

Once-it seems long ago now-
I had such big dreams,
so much anticipation of the future.
Now no shimmering horizon beckons me;
my days are lackluster.
I see so little of lasting value in the daily round.
Where is Your plan for my life, Father?

You have told us that without vision,
we men perish.
So Father in heaven,
knowing that I can ask in confidence
for what is Your expressed will to give me,
I ask You to deposit in my mind and heart
the particular dream,
the special vision You have for my life.

And along with the dream,
will You give me whatever graces,
and stamina it takes
to see the dream through to fruition?
I sense that this may involve adventures
I have not bargained for,
but I want to trust You enough to follow
even if You lead along new paths.
I admit to liking some of my ruts.
But I know that habit patterns
that seem like cozy nests from the inside
from Your vantage point may be prison cells.
Lord, if You have to break down
any prisons of mine
before I can see the stars and catch the vision,
then Lord, begin the process now.
In joyous expectation,

-Catherine Marshall

I believe I can say "Amen" to this prayer with my whole heart...

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