Thursday, April 1, 2010

God Saved The King

Here's an interesting story from Turning Points Devotional Magazine, April 2010 issue, by Dr. David Jeremiah. This story was previously unknown by me, and I'm sure by very many others also, so I am wanting to share it in my little corner of Blogworld.

-- Queen Victoria, who reigned on the throne of the British Empire for more than 63 years, was often distressed over her son, Edward, Prince of Wales. Like (our present-day) Prince Charles, Edward grew old waiting for the throne. Because of his mother's longevity, he didn't become king until he was up in years, and most of his life until then was spent in creating one scandal after another. He indulged freely in women, food, drink, gambling, sports, and travel. His extra-marital activities continued well into his sixties, and he was implicated in several divorce cases. He rose to the throne upon his mother's death in 1901 and died nine years later.

In his book, 'Out of My Life', Dr.V.Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College, tells about a friend of his who was a great prayer warrior, Edwin Joseph Evans. One day Evans was vacationing in America. In the Adirondacks, he set aside time for prayer and the study of the Word. One morning, Evans arose with a great burden to pray for King Edward's conversion. A sense of urgency grew throughout the day, and Evans devoted himself to earnest prayer. The following morning, word came from a Welsh companion, "King Edward is dead!" ...Years passed, and Dr. Edman was dining with Evans and another British church leader, Dr.J.Gregory Mantle. During the dinner, Dr. Mantle said, "Did you know that Edward VII was saved on his deathbed?" When pressed for details, Mantle said, "The king was in France when he was taken ill. He was brought to England and there was hope that he might recover. However, there came a turn for the worse. At that time, His Majesty called one of his lords-in-waiting and ordered him to go to Paternoster Row and secure for him a copy of a tract which his mother, Queen Victoria, had given to him when he was a lad. It was entitled 'The Sinner's Friend'. After much searching, the lord-in-waiting found the tract, brought it to His Majesty, and upon reading it, King Edward VII made earnest repentance and received the Lord Jesus as his Savior."


King Edward discovered what we already know- It's better to be a child of the King of Kings than heir apparent to any earthly monarch. Better to be the humblest heir of God than to inherit the greatest throne this world affords.  -- (end of article excerpted from Turning Points)

Isn't this a great story? I am taking it to be true and feel encouraged to pray for people and situations that we might normally think could never be affected by our "little prayers", but Me and God are a majority! When the Holy Spirit moves on us to pray for specific things, we should look forward expectantly for Him to work. Please join me in praying for America - - God still reigns in the kingdoms of men.
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Click on this link to read another short talk by Dr. Edman about In The Presence Of The King.

I guess I should add a little disclaimer-- "this blog does not necessarily endorse everything that the Turning Point ministry of Dr David Jeremiah presents, or what Wheaton College stands for." I just found these articles to be of great interest to me and wanted to share them. (Actually I do not know very much about either of these sources! So please just take this for what it's worth! [smile] )

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  1. Beautiful story! Prayer really does change everything!