Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pray America

Be not afraid to pray -
to pray is right.
Pray, if thou canst, with hope,
But ever pray
Though hope be weak or sick with long delay.
Pray in the darkness if there be no light.
Far is the time
remote from human sight
When war and discord on the earth shall cease,
Yet every prayer for universal peace
avails the blessed time to expedite.
Whatever is good to wish,
Ask that of Heaven,
though it be what thou canst not hope to see.
Pray to be perfect,
though some forbid the spirit so on earth to be...
But if for any wish thou darest not pray,
Then pray to God to cast that wish away.
-Hartley Coleridge

The Spirit of this Age spoke on a certain day,
"Rise up, my child, and cast thy early faith away."
I rose to go -
My freedom seemed complete.
In Vain!!
Once more, O Lord, behold me at Thy feet.
Thou art the very life which beats within my heart.
I have no power to choose- from Thee I cannot part!
O Light of all the world, that gladdened weary eyes!
The awful unknown Power that in the darkness lies
Thou saidst could be revealed through Thee to mortal eyes.
And what tho' earth and sea His glory do proclaim
Tho' on the stars is writ that great and dreadful Name -
Yea, hear me, Son of Man, -with tears my eyes are dim.
I cannot read the word which draws me close to Him.
I say it after Thee with faltering voice and weak,
"Father of Jesus Christ" -this is the God I seek.
-from Notes and Queries,
December 1881

Do you hear a deep voice calling-
Calling persistently?
Like the sound of God's great waters-
Calling insistently?
Tis the voice of our dead,
our myriad dead,
Calling to you and me --
"We call you from your trifling
With the petty things of life;
We cry aloud for a new world
Vowed to a world-redeeming strife.
Take God once more as Counsellor.
Work with Him, hand in hand,
Build surely in His Grace and Power
The nobler things that shall endure;
And having done all - Stand."
-John Oxenham

Please join me in intercessory prayer for our great nation of America.
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