Saturday, May 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I never got to post my pictures from Easter Sunday!!! I would much rather say Resurrection Sunday, but everyone knows what I mean. We got to go to Louisiana to see my Carver relations, and a lot of my Kelly relations showed up, too! Not everyone is in these oldest brother, Nathan, was unable to be with us all due to his longstanding illness, and my two oldest Carver nephews were not available.  You know, when I was a child, back home in THE SOUTH, all the little girls wore white dresses on's a picture of the little girls in my Sunday School class one Easter- I am second from the left.

(While I'm at it, here is ALL of the young people of our little church! In this picture I am wearing the hat.)

 I followed the tradition of wearing white for Easter after my marriage and having children of my own, but now with my matronly figger, white seems to make me look huge-er than I am!!LOL I do make my girls wait until Easter to wear white shoes. Some of this tradition probably came from the Catholics wearing white robes after Lent for baptism...I have read up on this some, but as I'm not Catholic ( in this sense of the word) I can't discourse on this with very much eloquence. I am catholic in the sense that the Church of God is worldwide and all who are born again are members of it.  But here we are outside the little Church of God Chapel in Shreveport, in our Easter "finery" ! May we all have on the white robes of righteousness in our souls!
My mother, son Ben in his Dress Blues, me, my brother Jonathan, sister-in-law Cindy, little David in front, back row to nephew Regan, nephew Colin, hubby Galen, little Julia in front, and daughter Alison.

Ben, brother-in law Brent, Dad Kelly, David, sister-in-law Angela, Mom Kelly, Julia, nephew Kyle, sister-in-law Kathy, neice Andrea, brother-in-law Rodney, me, neice Karissa, Galen, daughter Alison.

Resurrection Prayer
O God,
You have glorified
our victorious Savior
with a visible, triumphant
resurrection from the dead,
and ascension into heaven,
where He sits at Your right hand;

Grant, we beg You,
that His triumphs and glories
may ever shine in our eyes,
to make us more clearly see
through His sufferings,
and more courageously endure our own;

being assured by His example,
that if we endeavor
to live and die like Him,
for the advancement of Your love
in ourselves and others,
You will raise our bodies again,
and conforming them to His glorious body,
call us above the clouds,
and give us possession
of Your everlasting kingdom.

-John Wesley

No matter that the date of Easter is passed - - Christians can celebrate the resurrection all the time, and every Sunday!!

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