Monday, May 17, 2010

If It Is Right

"If it is right, there is no other way."
Brave words to speak
and braver still to live,
A flag to guide the battle of each day,
A motto that will peace and courage give.

"If it is right, there is no other way."
Wise words
that clear the tangle from the brain.
Pleasure may whisper,
doubt may urge delay,
And self may argue,
But it speaks in vain.

"If it is right, there is no other way."
This is the voice of God, the call of truth;
Happy the man who hears it to obey,
And follows onward, upward
from his youth.

-Priscilla Leonard
(this is the "pen name" of Emily Perkins Bissell,
who brought Christmas Seals to the United States)

"O Thou who art the Father
of that Son which hast awakened us
and yet urgeth us out of the sleep of our sins,
and exhorteth us that we become Thine,
To Thee, Lord, we pray,
Who art the supreme Truth,
for all truth that is, is from Thee.
Thee we implore, O Lord Who art the highest Wisdom,
through Thee are wise, all that are so.
Thou art the supreme Joy,
and from Thee all have become happy that are so.
Thou art the highest Good,
and from Thee man derives his understanding.
To Thee, O God, we call and speak...
We seek Thee,
We follow Thee,
We are ready to serve Thee.
Under Thy power we desire to abide,
for Thou art the Sovereign of all.
We pray Thee to command us as Thou wilt.
Through Jesus Christ Thy Son our Lord,
-prayer of King Alfred the Great of England
849-899 AD

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