Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be My Guest

Lord Christ,
beneath Thy starry dome
we light this flickering lamp of home,
And where bewildering shadows throng
uplift our prayer and evensong.
Dost Thou,
with heaven in Thy ken
Seek still a dwelling place with men,
Wandering the world in ceaseless quest?
O Man of Nazareth,
be our guest!
Lord Christ,
the bird his nest has found,
the fox is sheltered in his ground,
But dost Thou still this dark earth tread
And have no place to lay Thy head?
Shepherd of mortals,
here behold a little flock,
a wayside fold
that waits Thy Presence to be blessed -
O Man of Nazareth,
be our guest!
-Daniel Henderson

(all photos from Google Images)

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