Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Children In Heaven

They scarcely waked before they slept,
They scarcely wept before they laughed.
They drank indeed death's bitterest draught,
but all its bitterest dregs were kept
And drained by mothers while they wept.

From Heaven the speechless infants speak:
"Weep not" they say "our mothers dear,
For swords nor sorrows come not here.
Now we are strong who were so weak
And all is ours we could not seek.

"We bloom among the blooming flowers
We sing among the singing birds;
Wisdom we have who wanted words...
Here morning knows not evening hours.
All's rainbow here without its showers.

"And softer than our mother's breast,
And closer than our mother's arm
Is here the love that keeps us warm
And broods above our happy nest.
Dear mothers, come, for heaven is best."

- by Christina Rossetti

I'm sure this was written about babies that had been born only to die shortly thereafter, but I was thinking about the millions of aborted babies when I read this through...

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