Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Casualty

In preparation for our upcoming move, I have begun to box up things I know I will not use in our everyday life over the summer. I have never been called 'graceful' - - I am always breaking glasses in my kitchen. Kind of a joke between my husband and me... Every now and then I lose one of my treasures when my klutzitis breaks out. I believe during our last move some ten years ago, I broke a Precious Moments figurine Galen gave me while we were dating...

This was so cute - on the bottom it said "Thee I Love". I really felt bad when this happened but what can you do? I don't want to replace it because a new one wouldn't be the one HE gave me!

So now my malady erupted again as I was packing up my special plates that I only use for Occasions... I dropped and broke a hand-painted plate that an old family friend had given us on our marriage. We got married 4 days after Christmas, and so this plate has a Holiday theme, along with our names and the date...
Why did I have to break the things that are irreplaceable?!
I was able to get a "life lesson" from this though - - I want to be laying up Treasures in Heaven where..."neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, " and where klutzes do not drop and break them.

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