Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God

To talk with God no breath is lost,
Talk on, talk on;
To walk with God no strength is lost,
Walk on, walk on;
To grind the axe no work is lost,
Grind on, grind on;
The work is quicker, better done,
Nor needing half the strength laid on -
Grind on, grind on.
Martha stood, but Mary sat;
Martha murmured much at that,
Martha cared, but Mary heard,
Listening to the Master's Word,
And the Lord her choice preferred -
Sit on, Hear on;
Work without God is labor lost,
Work on, work on;
Full soon you'll learn it to your cost,
Toil on, toil on.

Little is much when God is in it,
Much is little everywhere.
Man's busiest day is not worth God's minute,
If God the labor does not share.
Go work with God, and nothing's lost -
Who works with Him does best and most;
Work on, work on.
-author unknown

(all photos from Google Images)

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