Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Prayer In Reformation Times

Do You, my God, stand by me,
against all the world's wisdom and reason...
Not mine, but Yours is the cause...
I would prefer to have peaceful days
and to be out of this turmoil.
But Yours, O Lord, is this cause;
it is righteous and eternal.

Stand by me, You true Eternal God!
In no man do I trust...
Stand by me, O God,
in the name of Your dear Son Jesus Christ,
who shall be my defense and shelter,
my mighty fortress,
through all the might and strength of Your Holy Spirit.

Martin Luther

How do you feel, as you are praying for your nation, your part of the world, the whole world?!  Remember what Martin Luther said in his prayer - the cause is God's- and it is righteous and eternal.
Don't lose heart!

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