Friday, July 23, 2010

A Brave Song

God gave me a little light
To carry as I go;
Bade me keep it clean and bright,
Shining high and low:
Bear it steadfast, without fear,
Shed its radiance far and near,
Make the path before me clear
With its friendly glow.

God gave me a little song
To sing upon my way;
Rough may be the road, and long,
Dark may be the day;
Yet a little bird can wing,
Yet a little flower can spring,
Yet a little child can sing-
make its own world gay.

God gave me a little heart
To love whatever He made;
Gave me strength to bear my part,
Glad and unafraid.
Through Thy world, so fair and bright,
Father, guide my steps aright,
Thou my song, and Thou my light,
So my trust is stayed.

-Childrens' Missionary Magazine

(all photos from Google Images)


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  2. Thank you- yes all by my lonesome ownsome :)