Friday, July 16, 2010

First Load

Hey Hey hey!!! Our closing was finalized yesterday afternoon(Thursday) and we now have a great new home in Ponca City, Oklahoma!(Not newly built - new to us!) We are all so happy- it's the property we fell for from the first and God GRACIOUSLY worked all the details out for us! We took a load of boxes up today when we met for the closing, and I enjoyed unpacking my china in our new kitchen as Galen and the children enjoyed inspecting the outbuildings - a barn and detached garage/shop building. I DID NOT BREAK ONE THING!! LOL
Galen keeps so busy with his oilfield work that our move won't happen in one fell will probably take numerous little trips. Our national church campmeeting starts this weekend also, so we plan to take a little time out for that... school starts in LESS THAN A MONTH! This is going to be a busy last few weeks of summer vacation! But we are happy about it all and the busyness doesn't worry me...I shall enjoy it all! We are so happy and thankful to our Heavenly Father for "reserving" this property for us. Part of our prayers about this were, "Lord, You said you know what we have need of (your father in heaven knoweth ye have need of these things...) and this place seems to meet all 'these things', so may we please have it?" God tied up all the loose ends SO nicely - I am FILLED with gratitude...

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