Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Week In New Home

We have now "owned" our  new place for one week! Here are some pictures to share - God has been so gracious to us to allow us to find and purchase this place. There are some great details to this story that I cannot make so public, but it is really true that God worked in our situation, and that without His favor and His moving on the hearts of others with more financial resources than ourselves, we would not be in this beautiful new location. We are so grateful to Him... and when people congratulate us our hearts swell with praise to God for His goodness to us. Just making it plain that we are here because He allowed and ordered it!!! GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!

Our property starts at the white fence corner
10 acres in the country

a front view, right after we closed last Thursday

this is a very large apple tree, loaded with apples
(don't know what kind yet)
in the front side yard close to the road

this is the back of the house,
with a rainbow above!
there is a very large storm cellar close to the house

I stood on our neighbor's property to take this picture- looking toward the back of our house, you can see the detached garage/shop building on the left, and on the right is the barn.
We will have propane heat again...
Here's a good shot of the barn with its several pens
(or whatever they're called...)
(I've been away from the country for 10 years!)

Sitting on the kitchen floor unpacking my china and glassware

We still have LOADS of things to move; we haven't really moved very much at all yet. Last night (Wednesday) I cooked my first meal on the new cooktop...we are sleeping on mattresses on the floor...we are using a little dorm- sized refrigerator right now since we haven't got our big one here yet...Several of Galen's family have volunteered to help us get going on our moving, but since this week has been our national campmeeting for our church, all wanted to wait til that is over. We attended the first weekend and will probably go back this one, also...Lots to do but it's happy stuff! It's great to know you are in God's will and that He will bring everything together!
"O magnify the Lord with me
and let us exalt His name together!"
Psalm 34:3

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