Friday, August 6, 2010

The Continuing Saga

It's been an eventful week or two! Some of the hottest days of the year, breaking heat records all around the country, and time for us to move! At least, it wasn't raining. I think every other time we had a major move, it rained... This time it was one of the hottest days of the year! My brother-in-law Brent had to change his shirt 2 times he was sweating so much! (Everyone else was sweating 'bout the same, but nobody else changed!) What would we do without our dear family helping us?! Last Saturday several of Galen's kin came to load us up and head us out...

This is my sister-in-law Angela, with my little boy David,
scooting aroundon a moving trolley...
the house is virtually empty at this point...

Finally made of Galen's new business acquaintences here in Ponca
graciously allowed us to use his moving trailer- a very nice one.
We brought 3 trailers up this night!
(this covered one, plus a horse trailer and a cattle trailer)

Got my work cut out for me! Lotsa boxes crammed in
our great room, or den, or game room-
whatever we decide to call it!

After finally getting our riding lawn mower up here, David took his maiden voyage around our front lawn! Trust me to be nervous about it, but Galen thought he was old enough.

He looked pretty cute...he was only in first gear so it was a very slow cutting process!

I got on the mower a couple days later, for the first time in probably 10 years!!

So now for the next episode... Tuesday we went back to OKC to fill up another flatbed trailer, and this time the thermometer was over the 100 mark again! After loading up and leaving later than we had planned- ain't this always the case?- we had just passed Guthrie when a tire on the trailer lost its life. Galen pulled the truck way over in the ditch away from the traffic on I-35 since the flat was on the driver's side.

After successfully changing the tire, by the way for a jack he used a heavy rim to drive up on, the truck would not start! We have not been having trouble with the battery but seems like that was the problem.

Galen draped the jumper cables over the side mirror hoping to get the attention of some compassionate motorist. But no one wanted to pull over in this heat, I guess...
We telephoned over the cell for help from a friend that lives close, and his car was going out on him on his way home from work! Eventually we reached another friend who just happened to be at his parents' home not too far from where we were stranded. Doug and his father came to the rescue! (Doug brought us some strawberry ice cream in a plastic cup also!)

 Got underway again... the next day when Galen tried to start the pickup, No Success again, so we must obtain a new battery posthaste!

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of...The Continuing Saga of OUR NEW LIFE!

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