Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Earnest Prayer

"Let Thy love so warm our souls, O Lord,
that we may gladly surrender ourselves
with all we are and have
unto Thee.
Let Thy love fall as fire from heaven
upon the altar of our hearts;
teach us to guard it heedfully
by continual devotion
and quietness of mind,
and to cherish with anxious care
every spark of its holy flame
with which Thy good Spirit would quicken us,
so that neither height
nor depth,
nor things present
nor things to come,
may ever separate us therefrom.
Strengthen Thou our souls;
awaken us from the deathly sleep
which holds us captive;
animate our cold hearts with Thy warmth
and tenderness,
that we may no more live as in a dream,
but walk before Thee
as pilgrims in earnest to reach their home.
grant us all at last to meet with Thy holy saints
before Thy throne,
and there rejoice
in Thy love for ever and ever.

- Gerhard Tersteegen
(1697-1769) pilgrims in earnest to reach their home...

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