Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Found A Great Restaurant

Monday evening I developed a huge desire to eat out for supper...my dear HUB was still running wells but he agreed to meet me and the children uptown. We pass a restaurant every day on the way to school called "Two Hats" and David has said several times that's where he wanted to go soon. We were happily surprised to walk in and find such a colorful place to eat!

For once, everyone in the family enjoyed what they chose to order! My choice was called "Quesadilla Monster" and turned out to be a grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese and beef fajita meat, green peppers and onions, with a side of shredded lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. YUMMY!

Galen decided on "Enchiladas Mexicanas", three enchiladas- one beef, one chicken, and one cheese, served with rice and refried beans, topped with green sauce, chili sauce, sour cream sauce, and guacamole.

Both the children went for the Tex side of things and ordered steak fingers with french fries. The steak fingers turned out to be really great, not tough and stringy but a nice texture. I was impressed (I stole a bite or two from Julia). Usually the children do not finish their food when we eat out and we carry the leftovers home, but this time we all cleaned our plates completely. Of course chips and salsa were served while we waited for the food to be prepared, and the chips were thin and crunchy and the salsa delicious and not too hot for the children to enjoy.

We decided to let Julia order some Fried Ice Cream for dessert since she had never heard of it, and we all got to share it. This version was delicious, served in a fried tortilla "bowl" and topped with whipped cream, drizzled chocolate sauce, and two cherries. Since I am writing about it on my blog, I wish I had taken a picture...I found this one online that looks pretty close to what we enjoyed at Two Hats Restaurant.

I highly recommend this place! The Mexican owner came over and talked to Galen a long time after we had finished the meal, telling how he had bought the location, his personal experiences in the food business, etc. He moved here from Dallas a few years ago and has married a Ponca Indian woman. He said they prepare their food fresh every day and use no frozen food, and lots of interesting other things. By the way, they serve several kinds of pie also, made fresh every day! He told how one pie that evening only had one piece sold out of it and that the rest would have to be discarded...(that hurts!)  I hope the locals will keep this restaurant open in these changing economic times because this man has a great vision of great food and great service. He deserves success! (his restaurant has been open about 9 months...) I plan on going back!

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful place! And I love how colorful it is. Mmmm...that dessert sounds yummy! Thanks for linking up today!! :)