Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Got Company?

I am happy to report that we have a HUGE FAT TOAD guarding our house! LOL

I've seen him before, just sitting on our side-door facing, watching for bugs and beetles. I wish I knew where his toad-hole was, I would get him a cute little house! This time he was sitting right in the shadows on the side where we always open the door. I hope he stays around for a long time. He's about as big as David's seven-year-old fist. I've seen evidence on the concrete that Mr. Toad has been there, even when he is not in sight...

I also caught on camera a little nosy visitor!
He was sitting on the window frame of our greatroom...
He decided to really peek in!

So, remember, you never know who is watching you, even out in the country!

my funny little man

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