Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life is...Dangerous

Whoever we are and wherever we are, God has brought us through all the chances and the changes of life to this present hour.

Sometimes when we look back and see what we have come through, we are compelled to say, 'If I had known what was coming, I would have said that I could never face it.'

But God brought us through it all, still on our feet and still able to bear up.

H.G.Wells told of an experience- He was on a liner which was entering the port of New York in a dense fog. The ship was creeping forward, feeling her way through the fog. Suddenly out of the fog there loomed another vessel, and the two ships glided past each other with hardly a yard to spare.

'It made me think,' said Wells, 'of the general large dangerousness of life.'

Life is indeed a dangerous thing, but God has preserved us in danger, has upheld us in sorrow, has healed us in sickness, has brought some of us back even from the gates of death.

God has preserved us.

We belong to God.

-from Daily Celebration

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