Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mother's Prayer

Lord, give me this soul!
I have waked for it when I should have slept,
I have yearned over it, and I have wept,
Till in my own the thought of it held sway
All through the night and day.

Lord, give me this soul!
If I might only lift its broken strands,
To lay them gently in Thy loving hands-
If I might know it had found peace in Thee,
What rest, what peace to me!

Thou wilt give me this soul!
Else why the joy, the grief, the doubt, the pain
The thought perpetual, the one refrain,
The ceaseless longing that upon Thy breast
The tempest-tossed may rest?
Dear Lord, give me this soul!

- unknown author

I love this prayer...It expresses my heart, also.

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