Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What The World Needs Now

Bishop Phillips Brooks said, "Never let the seeming worthlessness of sympathy make you keep back that sympathy of which, when men are suffering around you, your heart is full. Go and give it without asking yourself whether it is worthwhile to give it. It is too sacred a thing for you to tell what it is worth. God, from whom it comes, sends it through you to His needy child."

We shall never agree on every issue
but we can admit that the other fellow has a right to his opinions,
and even though we differ,
we do not need to hate.
We are all human.
As Alexander Pope said,
"To err is human; to forgive, divine."
Disagreements can and often do
turn into hatreds;
they breed fights and fatal dissensions in the Church,
and I hate THAT.
What would happen if
every marriage broke up over every disagreement
of man and wife?
What would happen to the children then?
And what happens to babes in Christ
when older, more experienced Christians
fall out in quarrel and disagreement:
What's a babe to do-
and what and whom is he to believe?
Love is the answer-
godly, unselfish love for one's neighbor.
Love is of no one color;
it's made up of all colors.
Since we were all created in His image
 and in His love,
can we do less than love
all His creatures?

-Dale Evans Rogers
from The Woman At The Well

Dale Evans Rogers

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