Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Excerpt- "Autumn"

Here is another little short excerpt from the book  "A Mystic Garden" by Gunilla Norris. Living in Mystic, Connecticut, she gardens and observes the seasons in a spiritual, meditional manner.

The plants in the garden are giving their all.
Stems and leaves surrender their energy to fruiting.
The days are shorter, the air cooler.
Autumn is a ripeness,
an urgency to complete,
to go to fruit and seed,
to give to the future.
Our lives, too, must be allowed to mature,
to be able to give to others.
We do not bear fruit for ourselves.

It is a strange paradox
that fulfillment is so much about surrender.
We recognize ourselves best
when we give our selves fully.
It is how we discover what we essentially are,
or rather what we have been allowed to become
from the gifts that were given us.

Now the leaves will turn tawny
or burning red and bright gold.
The joy of completion blazes
in every direction.
Fulfillment demands that we let go.
We must fall into unknowing,
open to expectation...
Then nonattachment can be felt as a great fruit...

-Gunilla Norris

(photos from Google Images)

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