Friday, November 12, 2010

Apron Strings

When children persistently tug at our apron strings, we become skillful at sweeping them aside in spite of the fact that they are our reason for making a home. Likewise we develop the skill of sweeping God aside and ignoring His presence. He is nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet, and we were created for fellowship with Him. He is persistently eager to guide us, to show us how to find joy in the humblest task, to release us from the monotony of things, and to introduce us to the eternity of life abundant. God's tug is firm, constant, and difficult to ignore. Only the insensitiveness of our hearts can keep Him distant.

If we admit Him into our consciousness, He will transform us from housekeepers into His Handmaids. We are released from the monotony of tasks no one seems to appreciate or even notice to the freedom of performing each small task "as unto Him." Allowing God to make Himself known to us in our homes rewards us with divine companionship, eternal purpose, peace that passes understanding, and a joy no one can take from us.

Today, reach out to God and invite Him into your consciousness.

- Martha Meister Kiely, Devotions for Women at Home, 1959

Prayer: "Behold thy handmaid, O God,
and be it unto me according to thy will. Amen"

Mother's Prayer
Oh give me patience when wee hands
Tug at me with their small demands.
And give me gentle, smiling eyes.
Keep my lips from hasty replies.

And let not weariness, confusion, or noise
Obscure my vision of life's fleeting joys.
So when in years to come my house is still,
No bitter memories its rooms may fill.
-author unknown

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