Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold November

"In old agrarian calendars, the first of November was the beginning of the new year. Gray and cold, the air is charged with the coming frost. Soon the ground will be frozen solid, the grass covered with early snow.

Could we take that leap of faith that NOW is when gardening begins? - with an approaching end?

Everything will grow quiet in the cold's embrace...

Winter is a chance to stop, to turn our backs on effort. We can let ourselves rest.

This is true for great losses in life. A clean acceptance of them is finally freedom. The slow recovery from grief is a winter season of sleep, of rest, and allowing things to be. It is trusting that "what is" just now will move us to "what can be." Joy and loss are together. Loss cauterizes, and grief, when fully accepted, opens us to new life, to a mysterious, inexplicable JOY."

-adapted from A Mystic Garden by Gunilla Norris

(Pictures from Google Images)

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