Monday, November 1, 2010

No Magic Wand

I grew up listening to LP albums of children's stories...we never had a TV and so I never saw Sleeping Beauty until after I was married and got a VCR for our home movies. The record we had was narrated and sung by Mary Martin and I always remember the song that she sang while the Three Good Fairies were cleaning house without their magic wands - Sing A Smiling Song. It was not included in the movie, for what reason I don't know, but I liked it then and I like it now, especially now that my ironing piles up!! Did you never hear it?

"When you have a busy, busy day
Here is how to turn your work to play
Pick a happy melody and sing along
And sing a smiling song.

When you have a mile of floors to sweep
And a pile of ironing ten feet deep
Here's a way to make the hours seem half as long
Just sing a smiling song.

Turn the corners of your mouth
Up instead of down...
Come on friend and let's pretend
And play that you're a clown!

When you have a million jobs to do
And you think you never will get through
Here's a little recipe that can't go wrong
Just sing a smiling song!"

Here's Fauna feeling overwhelmed by her work know the story, they decide to go upstairs and get the magic wands that they've hidden away for 16 years to help them tidy up for Briar Rose's birthday.

But I don't have a magic wand to help me with my ironing!!!

So now that I've had my fun on Blogger, I must get to my PILE that's 10 feet deep...

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