Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birdwatching Saturday

As sickness comes to our house once more, my daughter and I are missing out on her grandpa's 70th birthday party over at the Farm! Julia had to check out of school early Thursday, and has been having fever and a croupy she feels better though! The birthday party is going to be a Big Thing! about 35 are expected to be there...I sent barbecued chicken drumsticks with my husband and son for my contribution to the feast, using Sweet Spirit Food's Barbeque Sauce (medium) that is made in Oklahoma City! actually they are right down the street from where we lived up until this's the best sauce, REALLY. We tell people that and they always say AWWWWW... but when we give them a bottle they have to agree with us. That's something, especially here where Head Country is the established favorite brand. When my husband was still actively selling Real Estate he always gave bottles away to his clients, with a personalized sticker to remind them of him, of course...Now that he is back in the oilfield he still gives it away and just the other day one recipient got back to him to request 2 GALLONS of this great sauce! We are down to one case in storage now LOL.

Sorry my picture is fuzzy- this is taken from my phone. Here's a link to the Sweet Spirit Foods webpage  Actually we just got a new camera Yesterday but my husband took it with him to the birthday party.

Julia and I were sitting in the living room together this morning when a bird flew into our picture window WHUMP leaving some tiny feathers on the glass outside. We got up to look out and there the little thing was lying in the empty flowerbed, head back, panting for breath...must've got the air knocked out of itself. After several minutes it's head came up to the proper position, but it stayed there on the ground at least 10 minutes, just breathing fast. We got our Audubon bird handbooks out to try to see if we could figure out what kind of birdie it was. The only picture that really looks like our visitor is the female Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but these birds are very small, and our hapless "victim" is about the size of a sparrow or warbler. I checked the internet and found a picture that MAY be the correct one- this is a female American Redstart, or an immature male (according to my Audubon book). The picture is from and is in a list of Oklahoma bird sitings. Here's the link from where I copied these pictures.

The first two pictures are the American Redstart, and the last picture is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. But my Audubon book says the kinglet is just a little bigger than a hummingbid, so I cannot really make a determination on what we've sited! But the poor thing did finally fly up into a tree- when our dog came poking along! So it's a happy ending.

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