Monday, January 10, 2011

Good News from China

When my oldest daughter was thinking of applying for college scholarships, I hoped she could get into a Christian-based one, and discovered Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their mission statement is: "Christian Leadership To Change The World." I was put on their mailing list to receive their publication, Impact, which has been very impressive and encouraging to me. My daughter did not pursue a scholarship since she was fortunate (blessed) to be hired in a lawyer's office as a runner, and has since been promoted to paralegal work, although she has no degree. I think she's been employed there 3 years ? But I have continued to receive the mailing from Regent, and now in this new year, January's issue, there is a WONDERFUL little bit that I am so happy to share with my blog readers! I would never have thought it possible to be true, but I'll let you see what I mean! Without further ado, here is the short article from Regent University's Impact mini-magazine.

Unusual Connections
Regent's Dr. Corne' Bekker discusses the university's surprising impact in China

For generations, people around the world have worshipped the almighty dollar, deutschermark, yen or yuan. But Regent's Dr. Corne' Bekker says times have changed: "This global economic collapse that we've all experienced has opened people's minds to the fact that what we have is not working. People are deeply interested in more than making money. They are not just interested in power, prestige and privilege.

"This is true in countries around the world. People are hungry for leadership and business principles that have a solid values and virtues call to them. They want to know how these things can change their world."

Bekker says one of the best examples of where that is happening is in China. The School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship (GLE) has several agreements with Chinese universities and government agencies to provide leadership training. Regent also has opportunities to train church leaders and entrepreneurs across that nation.

Bekker says officials he has talked to inside the Chinese government link Christianity with economic development: "Everyone I've spoken to says this is why the West has prospered so much, and from a theological perspective, I would agree with that. The Chinese are deeply interested in finding out what are the true values of Christianity."

In April 2010, Regent's assistant vice president for professional and continuing education Julianne Cenac led a university delegation to China to work with a government organization. Bekker tells the story of how his time in Beijing ended with one of the most special experiences of his life: "It was very curious to me why they would choose Regent to help. But at the end of the trip my Chinese guide and I were doing some sightseeing. At one point when we were alone, he opened his jacket and pulled out a tiny Bible. Then he said, 'China has the power, has the influence, has the people. But what we don't have are the values, and you have that.' Then he pointed to the Bible and said, 'This is what we're interested in. This is where Regent can make a difference.' "

GLE offers fully accredited master's and doctoral degrees both on campus and in a flexible online format. GLE provides rigorous yet innovative academic programs that can accommodate even the busiest professional.

That's some of the best news I've heard in a long time! Won't you join me in praying with new hope for the people of China? And that God will send workers into the harvest...

Here is the link to Regent's homepage.

The picture at the top of this post is from a 2008 article entitled Praying for Success in Shanghai.  It's interesting also- here's the link.

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