Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

A Happy Valentine's Day from me in Oklahoma, America to YOU, wherever you are in the world! I wonder just what countries celebrate this day, is it just the US? If you read my blog from some other country, won't you please leave a comment and let me know? Thanks in advance!

This morning my husband snuck back home after he had left for the morning, thinking I would still be asleep, and brought in a little bouquet of 3 roses for me! 2 white and 1 red- that has a special significance to us that harks back to our dating days. We had our date at lunch, while the kids were at school. We enjoyed a good but small steak at Perkins Restaurant, enjoying slices of pie for dessert! We decided to do the Valentine special and all in all I think we got a good deal. I brought half my piece of pie home to finish off later tonight, and The Hub bought a HUGE cinnamon/pecan roll to try out. We ate out here when we first moved to this town this summer, but I don't remember buying anything from their bakery before. Nice quiet atmosphere, no tvs going or loud music. I guess I'm showing my age! Tonight we will go through the children's valentines from school. They had fun Sunday evening getting their little cards all ready to hand out to their classmates today.

Hope you have enjoyed today- it's sunny again here in OK and the snow is melting...we broke a record here last week. It hit 24 below zero (F) for the first time on record; previous low was -8. I guess I didn't know it COULD get that cold here in the MidWest! but it was fun for us...kept the fireplace insert going. I just love the smell of wood-burning heat in our home! I guess we should say, "We're keeping the home fires burning!" Surely you know what that means...our family is happy to be together. Two sweet children still at home, and a good man to take care of us all...Thanks to God for the good things in my life.

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