Friday, March 25, 2011

The A to Z of Me

Hello ! It's a beautiful day in OKLAHOMA USA!

I found this fun fact thingy while browsing some beautiful blogs this morning- thought I'd do this myself. Nothing to do with anything important, but fun nevertheless! I followed several back links to try to find the originator but after about 4 blogs, the trail ended with no confirmed author.

AGE- I'm at 48 for now

BED SIZE- Queensize- but at one point we had a king. Sure did dwarf the room...

CHORE I DISLIKE- Mopping floors

DOGS- Right now we have two, a miniature black poodle inside, and a mastiff mix outside. We have had several Jack Russell terriers, 2 Anatolian shepherds, 2 German shepherds, 2 Catahoula Leopard hogdogs, and 2 Rottweilers- of course not all at the same time!

ESSENTIAL START TO MY DAY- I confess I like to have breakfast alone, after my husband leaves for work and my children are off to school.

FAVORITE COLOR- for a long time it has been red, but now...I love all the deep jewel tones.

GOLD OR SILVER- I don't wear jewelry but all my watches have been silver. I have a brooch-type watch that is silver but I don't wear it all the time.

HEIGHT- 5' 5 3/4"

INSTRUMENTS I PLAY- right now it's just the piano. I used to play the cello in middle school, and I learned guitar after high school. My first love was guitar but after leaving it sit for so many years, I lost about whatever I had learned. But the piano you can never forget! I can barely remember when I began piano- I know I could play a little bit before I started kindergarten, and I took lessons for years.

JOB TITLE- Again, right now it's DOMESTIC ENGINEER! LOL translate that as SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) or full time wife/ church I lead the congregational singing, so am I considered a Worship Leader? (smile) Before marriage, my job title was USPS Employee, CFS dept (that meant computerized forwarding system). For a brief while, when my two older children were in school, I was Postmaster Relief at a tiny town in western OK.

KIDS- 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. We had 2 2 years apart, then after 9 years 2 more, 2 1/2 years apart. The boys were born c-section, the girls VBAC.

LIVE- in Oklahoma, USA. I was born and raised in Louisiana...

MOTHER'S NAME- Genevieve

NICKNAMES- one friend called me Lisa Jane when I was a child, one of my friend's fathers called me Liza Jane, my husband calls me Leese now...

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS- 4 times, for all the childbirth experiences.

PET PEEVES- maybe I should just mention one! Chewing with the mouth open!!

QUOTE FROM A MOVIE- "Right? Of course Right!" from Fiddler On The Roof. (This is what the matchmaker lady, Yente, said when she wanted a Yes answer from anyone) I say this to my children a lot for fun, although my two younger ones have not seen this movie.

RIGHTY OR LEFTY- Righty. But I do cast a fishing line with my left hand, because my lefty husband taught me how to cast! Then I have to switch to my right hand to fish.

SIBLINGS- 2 brothers, and I am the baby of the family.

TIME I WAKE UP-  Usually right before the alarm goes off...on schooldays the alarm is set for 6:40AM.

UNDERWEAR-  cotton. I was just telling my husband last night, "No other fabric feels better than cotton"

VEGETABLES  I DON'T LIKE- I could live without green beans, but I can think of none that I really can not stand.

WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE- not being able to find my glasses, or leaving my cell phone behind, or waiting on my husband to be ready!!!LOL

XRAYS I'VE HAD- Well, for dental work. Maybe that's all.

YUMMY FOOD I MAKE-  I am "famous" on my husband's side of the family for my Cherry Pie! And on my side, they love my Chicken Stir-Fry dishes.

ZOO ANIMAL FAVORITE- This one is difficult- - I like to watch the monkeys...really sometimes going to the zoo depresses me, when I see the bears pacing, or the polar bear swimming in an endless circle, or the gorilla mother staring past you like she can not see you. I like to see the elephants pick up food with their trunks...Oh the one animal I think is most pitiful is the kangaroo! Those little arms that seem so useless...

So there you have it, a little glimpse of me! I'm glad this did not include giving out my weight! But what about my favorite books, or favorite place to visit, or my father's family name, or my favorite website, or my favorite Bible verse, or how my husband proposed to me? Lots more could be said, but I'll cease and desist for the time being.

So glad Spring is here!!

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