Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art Workshop

Off to a new adventure! Tomorrow I am leaving my dear family for a WEEK to attend an art workshop out in KENTUCKY! I am excited and apprehensive at the same time! This is a watercolor portrait workshop offered by Mitchell Tolle Studio and Gallery in Berea, KY. My longtime friend Angela G told me about it and offered to put me up in her home if I would take the class. My dear husband will have the two children all by himself to feed, clothe, and help with homework! haha  Both of them have a special field trip scheduled with the school while I will be seems there never is a perfect time for anything, but my DEAR husband encouraged me to take this opportunity, so I AM OFF!

Will Blog Later! Hopefully I will have some nice things to share after the workshop is over...

Wish me success, won't you?!! SMILE

Here is a link to Mitchell Tolle's website.

And here is one of his beautiful art works.

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