Saturday, March 5, 2011

Care For Me

As the daylight follows night,
As the stars and moon give light,
So, dear Lord, with all Your might,

As the Springtime brings the flowers,
As the minutes turn to hours,
So, dear Lord, with all Your powers,

As with Peace the swift-winged dove
Looks upon me from above,
So, dear Father, with Thy love,
-Olwen T. Godwin

Flower Fairy art by
Cecily Mary Barker

Spring is Coming!!!!! My flower bed in back of our house has all sorts of promising green shoots coming up...since we moved here in July, I do not know what to expect in the springtime in this yard. But the bed is really full of shoots that look like bulbs, so I'm excited about what will unfold soon! It has been a time of birthdays the past month- my husband, daughter, son, a dear friend...and March has more coming! My mother-in-law, a nephew, a cousin...We had my mother with us a little longer than a week. I had thought she was here to stay- to live with us- but some issues came up that she has not settled in her mind, so I took her back to her home in Louisiana this week to talk to my brothers and try to make long-range plans that she can handle. There is no stopping time- I wish I could slow it down. I am all set to go to an art workshop the first week of April that my friend told me will be a 5-day event out of state. It will be time to go probably before I realize it. My husband wants me to cook up some meals and freeze them so he will not have to worry about cooking for the children and himself while I'm gone. I've got ONE down at least! Last night I made chicken gumbo with rice and already have the leftovers in the freezer. Hubby has our garden spot all plowed up- it's been so long since I've worked in a garden I hardly know how to begin now! but I've looked forward to this for a long time. So glad we are in the country, and in AMERICA, where we can easily have a piece of land to do with as we want.

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