Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Praise Of Femininity

Above Rubies ministry founder Nancy Campbell has some encouraging words for women in the March 2011  issue of the magazine that I have edited to share here- I hope you can enjoy it! For more info on this outreach for women visit their webpage

"We find that our daughters naturally behave femininely (until they are) conditioned by society. They love to dress like princesses, which is an area of femininity we have lost. As we look around today we see most women in the uniform of the day- jeans and top. I am not into legality and would not say that you should not wear the 'uniform' but does it really convey who we are? When my little granddaughters go to my dress-up box, what do they want to wear? Each one of them wants to be a princess. I have never noticed that they want to dress up in a business suit! One of my helpers shared with me that she and her sister sewed Civil War-time dresses with hooped skirts for a historical fair they were attending. They had to run some errands, and rather than changing into street clothes, decided to wear their costumes. They were amazed that in every store, both workers and shoppers, stopped to exclaim: 'Oh, you look so beautiful!' or ' What beautiful dresses!' I was thinking about this when travelling some time back. Delayed in a long line at an airport, I decided to look around for beautiful women (feminine women). Every woman wore the 'uniform' but I spotted one lady who stood out...she was dressed in an apricot sari with scarves flowing around her. She looked gloriously feminine...How sad that we have degenerated so far from our intrinsic femininity that we can only wear a dress that makes us feel like a princess if we are 'in costume'!

I believe a woman also reveals her femininity in her home. This is her domain-to make her home a restful place where God's presence dwells, to raise and nurture children, to create a delightful atmosphere her children will remember into the next generation...This is a full time career, especially as the couple are blessed with children.

Gentleness and meekness are also the inner essence of being female. 'Your adornments...must be of an internal nature, the character concealed in the heart, in the imperishable quality of a quiet and gentle spirit, which is of great value in the sight of God.' (from the Bible, 1 Peter 3:3-4) These qualities in a female are very precious...they are called an unfading charm. Is it weak to have a gentle and quiet spirit? NO! It is a woman of STRENGTH who keeps a gentle spirit in the face of harshness or rebuke. It is a STRONG woman who keeps an even temper when she feels overwhelmed and angry. Have you tried being meek for a week? This is certainly not a challenge for the WEAK!

This gentle and quiet spirit is also revealed in her speech. Soft and gentle words exemplify femininity. Sweet words are becoming to a woman. Sweet words personify our femaleness.

(Some) have come so far from God's original intent for his female creation...Can we allow God to work in our lives to bring us back, little by little, to the original glory He planned for us? Can we no longer measure our lives by the world around us, but by God's original design?"

(end of Nancy Campbell's article originally entitled 'Quintessentially Feminine')

Now from the Above Rubies website, this bit is from the article Fully Female.
"As females, I believe we should seek to be as feminine as we possibly can. We should glory in our femininity. We should talk femininely. Is there anything more revolting than a loud-mouthed screaming woman? We should walk femininely and train our daughters to do so. We should dress femininely—that is, within the liberty of how God uniquely made each one of us. God didn’t make us robots, nor did he create us to be in bondage. There are some women who love frills and bows, and others who hate them. Some are sportier. But whatever our uniqueness, let us make sure that we reveal to our family and the world around us the femininity of our femaleness."

My oldest daughter is out "on her own" now...she used to tell me, "I was born in the wrong era!" We enjoyed looking at the styles that were in vogue in the 1940's- she loved the way the women dressed around the turn of the last century- she loved the clothes in the movie "Anne of Green Gables"...We have spent hours together pouring over pattern books, trying to find the classic look that she loved. But then- - she got a little older! and went for the cowboy look for a while! LOL I'm not knocking it TOTALLY- - she has to dress corporate now and gets excited when she finds a classy looking outfit. I've had a lot of success finding old patterns on ebay for myself that are not in production today that have, what used to be called, "designer details" that make clothing feminine, and yet professional looking. One book I found at the public library was on Princess Diana, all about her clothes- a great resource for someone who can sew and wants to get ideas from her great dresses.

My youngest daughter loves feminine clothes and FLOWERS! She can't get enough of flowers- especially roses. We are looking forward to beautifying our property together as we can afford it with LOTS OF FLOWERS! I want to encourage her as much as possible to keep FEMININE!

Now on a confessional note...I was in the public library a few weeks ago. It was chilly that day, and I looked around at all the women waiting for their books to get checked out, and practically EVERY ONE was in sweat pants! I was noting that to myself when I realized, this dress I have on is just another version of sweatpants! LOL It was a velour, shapeless thing that is warm and comfortable, but certainly not becoming or womanly! The only thing going for it was, it WAS a dress! So, I have to work on this too.  Seriously, these articles have affected me in a good way. I'm going to be working on being more feminine, in my dress and in my speech. You know, people really appreciate seeing a feminine female!

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