Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Firefighter Fundraiser

This last Saturday we went to my husband's parents' farm to cut wood...our house is heated by propane and the bills were so high this winter that we had to start using our fireplace insert instead! In two months, our bill was practically a thousand dollars- something has to be wrong here! Anyway we are practically out of wood for next year and Galen's dad has been inviting us out to cut wood on one of his properties. The kids helped, and Grandpa too, and we got a great trailer-load to bring home. Saturday evening a little community close by had a fundraiser auction for the volunteer firefighter station in Orion, OK just down the road from the family farm. BTW it is pronounced here as ORE-ee-on. Mom made two coconut creme pies, a chocolate cake, and a chocolate-chip pecan pie to donate for the auction. There was a nice turnout from the community- lots of cakes and pies were brought, also other home-made food items and some handmade cutting boards, a fishing pole rack/holder, etc. One of Mom's coconut pies brought over $200.00 !! I bought a jar of home-made grape jelly that went for $12.50. They served grilled hamburgers and roast pork, potato salad, baked beans, and desserts too- you could eat for free or give a donation for the meal. The auction was fun and brought in, I believe, just under $8000.00  for the station! Very successful evening. The little children got to take rides in some of the firetrucks. We got to see Tom Edwards who used to work with my husband, and his wife Becky and son Cody. They are still "pumpers" with a route of about 80 wells all together. Cody is a volunteer FF and pumper also, and Tom is chairman of the board at the Orion Fire Station.
Tom in front, with the fire can see some gear in the background

Cody, and the truck is taking off with a load of children for a ride
with the siren going

My David with one of the Orion trucks

I got to talk quite a while with Cody. He said they rely heavily on donations of equipment- one of the trucks was an old military vehicle that came in done up in camoflage, and the Orion volunteers had to do their own paintjob. Cody had done the inside of the truck and was showing off his finished work to me- he did a job to be proud of! One of the trucks was a former Forestry vehicle...Cody is two years older than my son, and I had babysat him years ago when we used to live in the area. My son is a volunteer firefighter also, in another part of Oklahoma, so I have a special place in my heart for all these special men. 

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