Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation

School's Out for the summer! The children have spent the day mowing and playing checkers! I spent the day finishing a watercolor portrait of my oldest daughter, Alison.  Here in Oklahoma we have been under tornado watches for 2 days in a row- we ended up alright here but others were not so fortunate. We are praying for the people of Joplin, Missouri, who experienced an awful tornado a few days of our acquaintances was at the WalMart there when the tornado hit- the building was destroyed and our friend narrowly missed being hit by the collapsing roof. So thankful for mercy amidst the destruction.

The smell of newly mown grass is delicious!

Here is my portrait of my daughter- my scanner did not pick up all the subtle shadings in her face.

Before beginning this project, I had been working on some cards for some of my friends- a retirement card and a birthday card. Here is the birthday one- - -

The retirement card I did was of the same rose, only rendered as a pink one. I forgot to scan it before I gave it away! But the inside read, "NOW you can take time to smell the roses!"

Also I finished the painting of the two roses in the canning jar- but I am not happy with it. Just for the record, here is a photo of it. I could not get the whole painting to fit on the bed of my scanner.

This is Memorial Day weekend- we plan to travel to my nephew's high school graduation in Louisiana this Friday. God Bless all the American Veterans. I pray for our military members virtually every day. Thanks to you if you are a veteran and read my post. 

Happy Memorial Day!
Enjoy your loved ones while you can.
God Bless America

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