Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 4 - Father's Day Weekend

Thanks for tuning in to another Episode in The Continuing Saga of OUR NEW LIFE.

Episode 4- Father's Day Weekend 2011

The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!!

Just what is he doing to our back patio?!!   To find out, stay tuned for the next episode...

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Saturday before noon my husband had to go pick up a motor for one of his pumping units...I thought of that old saying, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! but sometimes it's the size of the toys, too!! My little boys liked playing with toy machinery- my husband "plays" with the real stuff!

At lunchtime we went to a local pool/spa dealer that was having a Big Green Egg demonstration!

Are YOU an egghead?

The dealer cooked a whole chicken in the Big Green Egg, and on another grill they were demonstrating, The  Holland, there were steaks and sausage links! I think the Holland Grill would be best for our usage, but the chicken from the Egg was so tender, it just fell apart in your mouth  MMMM!! 
Inside the store- - -

a neat way to make an outdoor chair!
from PVC pipe
summertime decor
I really liked this wall "sculpture" made from metal

The Holland Grill (inside the store)

(and from the webpage)

Sunday morning My Big Girl took me to church in her new car- we had to take her dog along- not much room for a Rottweiler in a little car with 2 adults in the front seat!

My husband's family all ate together after church in the dining hall for Father's Day instead of going out to a restaurant or having a cookout- when we meet at church we all come from about an hour away so we can't go home to grill without it being late afternoon before we can have lunch! Here are our Father's Day photos
My father-in-law with his two sons

This is all of our little family that were there-
my oldest son and his wife are missing

By the way- - our pastor was real inspired to preach about our Heavenly Father! A wonderful sermon about how good He is...I am so thankful for the good experiences I have had with my own father, and my father-in-law. I have not had to deal with any "baggage" because of a bad relationship with my earthly "fathers"...This sure makes it easy to relate to God as Father. I know the love of a good father and to see God as My Father is a wonderful thing. There are so many passages in the Bible that reveal the Father-type love that God has for his creation. May YOU Dear Reader  (smile)  know Him as the Loving, Kind, Compassionate Father also!

Stay Tuned for another episode in The Continuing Saga of OUR NEW LIFE.........
to be scheduled  who knows when?!!

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