Saturday, June 4, 2011

Buy This Car From the Joplin Tornado

I received the following in an e-mail from my cousin ... thought I'd pass it along here for whoever reads my blogpage ... it's an appeal to raise money for a friend whose car was destroyed in the recent tornado in Joplin,  Missouri, USA ... the e-bay link is here also.

Hey there Folks.  Up for sale is my friend's destroyed Chevy Lumina.  This is your opportunity to help a genuine hero, a survivor of the May 22, 2011, Joplin Missouri Tornado. 

My friend is Elina and I will not invade her privacy and tell the details of her story.  You'll have to get that from her, if she ever decides to tell it.  I will, however, give you some relevant information about her and her experience.  Elina is a beautiful woman, a true friend, strong Christian and great mother.  She's the mother of five and was working at the Walmart in Joplin for the normal reasons that a mom works: college tuition, vehicles, braces for the kids and the like.  She was at work in the lawn and garden section when the tornado sirens went off and helped direct other employees and customers to their "safe" area at the rear of the store.  The storm hit hard and when the building started to come apart, Elina was responsible for saving several people with truly heroic fortitude and courage as the building literally collapsed on top of them.  After the tornado passed and the storm subsided, Elina was instumental in the rescue of several people and stayed for hours tending to the traumatized and worse.  As one who was there put it, "We owe everything to Elina." 

This car is the latest in a strange string of completely unrelated vehicle disasters for her and her family.  I haven't exactly kept up, but I think there are around four or five vehicles that have been totalled in various ways- one burnt up, another got its frame bent by an uplanned off-road excursion, another was hit by lightning (yes, it really was).  The Lumina was kind of a special one because they bought it from an older lady who'd taken great care of it and it only had 60,000 miles on it when they paid cash for it just a few months ago.  It's the kind of vehicle that would make Dave Ramsey proud for those of us working his financial plan. 
So here's the deal: bid with confidence that you're helping a great cause.  When the auction is over, we're going to do the winner a great favor... we're going to haul the thing to the crusher for you for free!  You don't have to pick it up or anything!  If you've got a big heart and a little extra money, you're the person we're looking for to bid.  Keep in mind that if the bid amount is high enough, multiple vehicles will be purchased, and not Jaguars and Porches either.  Your money will be used wisely and judiciously to help this family. 
This is not tax deductible since I'm not a charitable organization.  If you want a tax write-off, you'll have to be inventive on how you get your money to a non-profit and then they bid on the car. 
Here's some info on the tornado if you've been hibernating for the last few weeks: .  The pictures are of Elina's car and the Wal-mart building she was in as well as the parking lot and immediate area.  It's kind of like taking pictures of the moon and being there though...  pictures just don't do it justice.
If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate you posting this listing in your favorite social media, sending mass email with a link to all your friends and doing what you can to get the word out to generous people everywhere.  I mean, if Oprah or Dave Ramsey hear about this and just want to buy Elina several cars I'm sure they won't be turned down.  In leiu of that, several hundred or thousand dollars from you will be greatly appreciated.
Elina, we love you and hope this goes well.
Everyone else: Any questions, ask away.  I'll do my best to answer.
Happy bidding!


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