Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newest Project

I am working on a watercolor portrait of my little girl- she loves flowers! When we are on a trip and she sees fields of wildflowers she always wants us to stop so she can pick some. This portrait is a mixture of several pictures taken when she was about 6 years old...I am finished with one side of the picture but have the other side  to complete, mostly of the field of flowers. This unfinished side is not here in the photo- my scanner is not very big. Also the colors are not picking up very well! I don't know what to do, other than take a photograph with a camera to post here...but be that as it may, here is the scanned picture of the completed side of the portrait. PLEASE REMEMBER that the colors did not pick up well on my scannerbed and I could not adjust the coloring on my computer to the proper levels- I had to darken everything to show up this good...

By the way, the flowers in the field are Indian Paintbrush...

here she is on our last road trip,
we stopped in Texas so she could pick
May 2011

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