Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader Beware

Everybody has an AGENDA! No matter what kind of book you read, whether about art, or health, or history, depending on the author's belief system, the agenda is presented as truth and the readers must 
beware. It seems to me that this is more common nowadays than it used to be- maybe it's just because I'm older and wiser that I realize it now. I just read an art book this past month and it was almost flagrantly full of pro-homosexual beliefs. I try very hard to watch what my children are reading because their minds just believe anything that is presented in a book as truth. Got to keep on top of it all!

I buy books at library sales , sometimes these books have been discarded because they are older or have not been checked out recently. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a lot of times these books are the "good ones". I must say I have run across some veritable TRASH this way though. ANYWAY- - Here is some good advice I found in a pre-teen book by Mary Stolz, The Noonday Friends.

- -On the stairway behind her there was a light step and Francisco came up whistling, taking the steps two at a time. 'Hello, Francisco,' she said gloomily. 'Boy, you look happy.'  'Do I?' said Francisco. 'Well, that's because I am.'  'Why?' Simone demanded. 'Did somebody leave you a million dollars?'  'Why,' said Francisco, 'should it be that if a person looks happy, somebody always asks if he's been left a million dollars? Is money the only reason for a man to whistle? Why do you not say, 'Francisco, have you inherited a star? Have you unearthed a treasure chest containing affection and grace?' Why doesn't anyone say, 'Have you fallen in love?'  Why money, Simone? Why always money?'  A little hurt, Simone said, 'I suppose it's because that's what most grown-up people talk about.'   'Oh, now. I've wounded you. Come, Simone, forgive me. And you are quite right, of course. Money is what everyone talks of. It's also what everyone needs, let us have no mistake about that. I just get tired, sometimes, hearing about it. Ah- what delicious odors are wafting toward us!'  'Why so peppy, Francisco?' said Mr. Orgella. 'Somebody die and leave you a million?'  Francisco winked at Simone...

Here's some more good advice from this book- -

- - Francisco leaned against the door. 'You know what it takes to make a friendship? A real friendship?' Franny sniffled. At length, because he didn't go on, she said curiously, 'Well, what?'  'Compromise. You know what that is?'  'Not really.'  'Compromise is when you say, 'This is a person I am truly fond of, and he, or she, you understand, has some ways that I am not fond of at all. But because my fondness is so great, I will overlook these things. Because the whole person is more important to me than these little pieces I do not care for, I will overlook them. Because friendship is more important than anything else, I will overlook them.'

I like finding these little snippets of wisdom in books I think my children will enjoy reading. Little pieces of advice stick when they are included in a good story.
This is my old book cover-

and here is an updated one I found online

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