Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Project and Herb Tea

Do you save little slivers of bar soap? (I confess in a whisper that I do!)  I have tried making my own soap from scratch before- the result was not something I was inordinately proud of.  I ran across a little "recipe" for turning the little scraps of bar soap into liquid soap and thought this would be a neat project to try- - so Yesterday I DID IT! Here is a link to the "recipe" that I followed ...

It was very easy to do...instead of using a grater I just scraped the scraps with a sharp kitchen knife. The instructions said to not use the amount of a jumbo bar of soap- but it seemed so runny to use the amount called for that I ended up using probably the amount of a Large bar. BUT I FOUND OUT why the instructions said not too-- after standing awhile the concoction gets thicker. All the soap I added made a gloopy brew that is just a little too thick! I thought I needed to add a little more purified water to thin it down. But really I am pleased with the results! I never dreamed those few pieces of hard soap would make this HUGE amount of liquid soap!!! This is an old glass gallon jar I just recently got from my mother's house.

Really I have saved a TON of money doing this- I have used a French liquid soap that I love the smell of, but it is about $16.00 per dispenser. Of course I haven't been able to buy it all the time- I also have used the cheap grocery store liquid soap stuff.  With doing this little project, you can add essential oil to get a great smelling lather. I think my favorite scent for soap is Lemon Verbena. I am growing Lemon Balm in my garden- I use it to make tea with. I love to crush the leaves in my hands for the smell!  I think I read in one of my herb books that you can rub these leaves on your skin to repel mosquitoes! I'm going to try that- I love the smell!!!!!!! I also have a perfume made with the lemon verbena scent.

Back to the herbs- I have also used Lemon Basil in my tea brews, along with some Stevia leaves. I am growing stevia again this year but I don't really have it in enough sun. I think it's fun to be able to use these plants- on their own as tea, or with a regular black-type tea. The following picture is from a nice link that gives  some other ideas for herbs to add to your tea.

When I use the fresh leaves from my herbs, I stuff them into a Bodum Coffee Press, press the plunger down, and fill with just-boiling water. Fun and Easy! (I got my press at Target)

I do not have any dried lemon balm leaves yet, but if I did, I would have crushed them and added them to my liquid soap "brew" for a little scrubby aromatic plus!

Happy Summer!
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