Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The View From Here

Well Ladies and Gents!
I've been an oilfield hand for a day!

Our children are spending the week at the grandparents' farm so today my hubby had me go to work with him to lend an extra hand on some piddly jobs he had to do on a couple of his wells- nothing hard but he needed more than his own two hands.

This is at the last pumping unit we were at for the day...

To give you a little perspective of  the size
of this pumping unit

Bringing all his weight to bear on a stubborn fitting

Right after I took this picture, the tool slipped and dear hubby came hurtling down on the ground and the tool narrowly missed hitting me in the head...

Anyway... safely back at our home in the country, here is what we got to see going down the road right in front of our house...it's not everyday, or EVERYWHERE, that you get to see 3 horses being ridden down the street !!! ( I tried to enlarge this so you could better see the horses, but the photo was too pixilated, being taken with a phone camera- sorry)  You might take note of the wheat field across the road- it has just been harvested in the last week...

So ends the day...

My husband was reminiscing about when we first got married, I used to go with him on his well route and be with him all day. It's been QUITE A WHILE since I've done that! This is the first time in, at least 15 years!

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